Remembering Those Who Have Touched Our Lives

The last couple of weeks have been difficult for me. Some of the people who have really touched my life in special ways, moved on from their sojurn on this earth.

I am a professional chaplain and I deal with sickness and death on a much too regular basis. I attend many funerals and try to comfort those who are mourning. I will honestly admit that sometimes a certain amount of professional training and experience insulate me from the inevitable passing of a resident. Yet, I often pray to God that the passing of a soul never becomes routine to me. That is a prayer that was answered again, multiple times, through the passing of several residents in our facility.

Each day when I entered the building, there were those regular greeters who smiled and waved, asked me about my family and wish a hearty, “God bless you!” This past Monday, as I walked in the door, that oh so familiar greeting and smiling face was not there to meet me. It was a jolt to my system. My routine was broken and I realized that a special person in my life was no longer present. That emptiness softened my heart to the dear ones that touch our lives and are gone all too soon. The lesson from this moment of pain and recognition reminded me again that we should cherish everyone who touches our life.  Make everyday count! Love those around you fervently, because one day, all too soon, they will no longer be there.

Love to All,

Chaplain Charles