It’s Time to Defend Our Frontline Heroes – This Is Our Story

Throughout our ongoing battle and crusade against COVID-19, our healthcare sector has been attacked, and not just by the virus. Unfortunately, and quite egregiously, long-term care has become the maligned focus of media and other high profile, predatory platforms for negative stories, unbalanced reporting, targeted blame, and inflammatory finger-pointing. But here is a truth that is not being reported or spotlighted: there is a courageous story within our sector that includes heart, sacrifice, and outcomes that have saved thousands of lives. It is time to defend our long-term care heroes for answering the call to serve during COVID-19, and for saving thousands of lives while risking their own. Here are some facts to remember:

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Jamming out in our Jammies!

We were jamming in our jammies for National Wear-Your-Pajamas to Work Day! [custom_gallery source=”media: 6976,6977″ limit=”2″ link=”lightbox” target=”self” width=”230″ height=”250″ title=”never”]

Volunteer Appreciation

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month!
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Thank you to all of you that have volunteered at Signature.

Big Winner!

Robert was our big Price is Right winner!