A Music & Memory Breakthrough!

Mr. C. had been a long-term resident with us for several years.  His dementia had progressed to the point that he no longer spoke or made eye contact with his family.  It seemed that even his favorite family members could not invoke any response from him. It is so painful when you see your loved one, but they do not seem to know you’re there anymore.

Here at Clarksville, we are actively reconnecting our dementia patients through personally tailored music.  Mr C. entered our program a few weeks ago and he began making eye contact again,  yesterday he sang a verse of the “Yellow Rose of Texas” and “What a Friend We have in Jesus” along with his I-Pod. This is a man who hasn’t made a sound in almost two months! The best part of his singing moment, was that his family experienced it with him. For a couple of minutes they were able to have their father and husband back with them! A small victory, some may say…but I’ll take that any day!

If you would like information about our Music & Memory Program please call me @ 931-358-2900 or click: www.musicandmemory.org


Chaplain Charles