Another Music & Memory Testimonial


Mr. V. was actively passing last Monday and his son and daughter-in-law came in to spend time with him in his final hours. He was not responding to his family and I sensed their frustration in his lack of response to their words. It was then I remembered his son telling me that he and his Dad shared a lot of the same music tastes. So, I mentioned to them that I had his Music & Memory player and a multi-headphone adapter and they could all listen to his favorite music together. They were favorable to the idea so, I got them the necessary equipment. The music was soothing to the family and Mr. V. during this difficult time. As they listened together, I noticed the patient start moving his mouth. He was trying to sing with his son, even though no sound was coming out! The family shed a few tears and began to express their thanks for helping their father make a small last connection with them. “Music and Memory continues to work beautiful little miracles.

Signature Healthcare is the only facility in the Montgomery County area certified in this music therapy program. Please contact me @ 931-358-2900 for more information on the wonderful responses we are seeing in patients with dementia.


Chaplain Charles