October is Clergy Appreciation Month

I am so thankful for all of my fellow ministers, especially those who are pastors far away from home. Many lay people never understand the sacrifices you and your families make as you minister. Many think you have an easy life and even joke about you only working one day a week. Remember God sees the late night intercession, time apart from family, the stress, the struggle, rejections, and an endless list of things pastors/ministers deal with on a daily basis. Yes, some of our greatest joys come in ministry. Also, some our greatest griefs. Just remember God has called you to be faithful in ministry, not necessarily “successful” and remember, “God keeps good books.” If no one besides me says “Thank You” this Clergy appreciation Month, remember the one who died for you and me says, “Thank you, well done thy good and faithful servant!”
I love you all! Keep the faith!

Chaplain Charles