What We Do…

We the staff of Signature Healthcare do more than provide a room and medical treatment to our patients. We are not just about a paycheck. We do what we do because it is a calling…a calling from God. We are called to give help, hope, and love to the hurting. We are called to help those who can’t help themselves.  Every patient we serve is of great significance, from the young person admitted to our inpatient rehabilitation program, to the long-term patient who can no longer communicate or care for themselves. Every day, as we serve our patients, we purposely try to make their world a better place.  Even the smallest acts of kindness are important, from giving a cup of water or a sharing a smile between two souls. Our lives matter because our patient’s mind, body, and spirit matter! You will find that Signature Healthcare is different from other care facilities, from the Housekeeper to the CEO. We have made it our purpose to see lives changed for the better. We are on a mission; we are a movement, “A Movement In Defiance Of Suffering.”

If you or your loved one is in need of healthcare but you want more than pills and a room. I urge you to contact me, Chaplain Charles at chaplain.clarksville@signaturehealthcarellc.com or call (931)358-2900.

Note: Signature Healthcare believes strongly in Faith and has included it as one of our company’s foundational pillars. Every facility has a full-time “paid” Chaplain. We are serious about spirituality and if you are too, come see the difference!